Why buy from us?


Locally Designed & Hand-Printed

Support small businesses and not large, soul-less corporations.


Free UK Shipping


Free 2nd class postage in the UK. 1st class also available at extra cost.


Unique Products


Unavailable from anywhere else.

We print each mug by hand to order, with love and blessings, and send them out infused with positive vibes.

Because to us, it’s not JUST a mug;

it’s the warmth you wrap your hands around on a cold winters morning as you get your child ready for school.

It’s the smile you feel when you see the funny slogan that brightens your morning.

It’s the cup you’re drinking out of when your daughter comes round to tell you she’s expecting your first grandchild.

It’s the caffeine boost you’ll get during a busy work day after staying up all night caring for your sick son.

It’s the pleasure and happiness your loved one feels every time they drink from it and remember that you gave it to them this as a gift.

It’s a symbol of the camaraderie and friendship you share with the workmate who bought it for you to make you laugh.

We want everyone who buys, and drinks out of, one of our mugs to feel good.

Which is why they’re all Designed (and made) With Love.



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